Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition

November 7th, 2017 | Blog

On Wednesday Aug 30 @ 8:00pm I had the chance to return to the Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition for my 6th time!  The exhibition website is at http://ense.ca

It was a real treat to see so many people I’d met in previous years,  including the sound engineer Fred Alexander from One Stop Entertainment .  

Fred had done my sound at the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition just the week before.   However between those two shows I had to make a quick trip to Chicago for an event there.  

I perform in many different locations,  and one thing neat about the Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition is that the show is done on a small stage in the middle of the cattle showing ring.  Dirt floor is all around me.  A long way from the fancy theatres I often find myself in.  

I only performed at a handful of exhibitions this year due to being on bed rest after surgery for a while (no biggie).  Truth to be told,  I did 3 shows while on bedrest!