Entertainment for University Students

January 20th, 2018 | Blog

I had the opportunity to provide entertainment for university students at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick this week.  It was my 5th time performing at the University and each time seems better than the last!  

Mount Allison university’s website:  http://mta.ca/

I’ve performed in several places on the campus over the years, and this year was perhaps my favourite.  The show was in a small theatre that sat about 300, called the Brunton Auditorium in the Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music.  

Ian Stewart at Mount Allison university

I know the pic is blurry,  but taking a selfie during a show is difficult!  

The students also gave me a nice treat bag with Mount A sunglasses, a water bottle,  a shirt, an egg cooker, and a stress duck (like a stress ball,  but looks like a rubber duckie).  

My favourite Mount Allison University story

My favourite story about a show at Mount Allison University was in 2017 when Incas scheduled to perform.  As happens in New Brunswick in the winter there was a snowstorm.  The entire university closed down, including the venue for the show.  

The students called and cancelled the show.  I was obviously disappointed I couldn’t go,  but understood given the circumstances.  

Then they called back and asked if I would be willing to come.  Of course I was!  Weather doesn’t stop me!  But there was a catch,  as the University was closed we had to do the show in the dorm.  So there I went.  I did an entire show in the lobby of the dorm, with a wall to wall group of university students crammed in.  

It was great to have everyone so close to the action!  It was also nice this year to offer a totally different experience by having them in a theatre.  Also,  it was great to drive back to Nova Scotia on roads that weren’t covered in snow!  

here is Ian’s talk of performing at another university in another post:  http://ianstewart.info/acadia-university/