Do you offer show customization?

Yes! Each event is different, and each has distinct requirements for success. Through customization Ian provides entertainment, and you get the benefit of achieving the organizational objectives of your company.

Do you have a minimum audience size?

No! Ian Stewart has worked with corporate audiences as small as 8 people, and as large as 1200 people. No matter the size of the group Ian will unite them with laughter, and put a smile on the face of your organization.

How long is the show?

Corporate shows are generally 60-75 minutes. Other lengths are available upon request as short as 8 minutes and as long as 2 hours.

What is the difference between your show and the other stage hypnotists available?

In a word, Experience! You can attend your event feeling secure knowing you are presenting a proven program that has been a hit with hundreds of corporations and associations throughout North America.

What are Ian’s qualifications as a performer who uses hypnosis?

Ian Stewart has worked in the field of entertainment for over 20 years and in that time has hypnotized tens of thousands of people. He is also highly trained in the field of hypnotherapy. Add to this Ian’s background in entertainment which has included everything from chainsaw juggling to sword swallowing, and you can be assured an entertaining event with the highest level of hypnosis knowledge seen on any stage today.

What is the cost of a show?

Due to many variables such as time of year, show length, location of performance, travel expenses, customization, etc., posting a fee on this site is not possible. Please contact Ian Stewart Entertainment directly at (902) 890-8721 or Toll Free at 1-877-497-7469, to receive specific fee information regarding your group.

What does the client need to provide for the show?

First and most importantly an audience is necessary. After that 15 chairs and a flat, clean space. Then, depending on how advanced the client wishes to get, other options can be added, making the show more elaborate and spectacular.

Where can the show be performed?

Typically the show is performed in banquet halls, however it can be performed anywhere the audience’s full attention can be gained. The show has been performed everywhere from flatbed trailers to elaborate theaters and everywhere in between.

Is Hypnosis dangerous?

Hypnosis is not dangerous if practiced by a properly trained practitioner. Ian’s background in hypnotherapy ensures that all volunteers are safe throughout the show. They leave the stage feeling as if they have taken a refreshing nap and often spend considerable time telling fellow audience members about the great experience they had. In fact, typically the volunteers have an even more enjoyable experience than the people who stay in the audience!

Can we follow you on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes! There is a Facebook fan page at , and you can follow along with what I’m doing on Twitter at . It’s always great to have more fans and followers!

Do you have posters available to help advertise the show?

Yes, posters will be mailed out as soon as a show is confirmed. Additionally, you can download a digital copy of the poster here.

Can Ian help me quit smoking, lose weight, etc?

Although Ian worked with hypnosis to help people with various problems for several years he is no longer able to offer this service due to entertainment engagements taking up the majority of his time. However he does offer a growing line of products to help you achieve your goals. Check out the store to see what products may interest you.

Is the show insured?

Yes, the show is covered by a $1,000,000 liability policy.

Very entertaining!

– The Daily Gleaner
Frederiction New Brunswick