Fredericton Shows

July 6th, 2018 | Blog

Fredericton Shows are always fun!  I had the opportunity to perform in Fredericton several times last month and again was not disappointed.  

For some reason, evertime I visit Fredericton I’m in an interesting situation.  The shows are always great,  but there is always something special that occurs.  

Here’s a picture of me performing a show outdoors in Fredericton one night.  Over 300 people were watching.  

I remember one person at the show pictured above thought they were a volcano going off, and broke their chair in the process.  I do this routine all the time in my hypnosis shows.  But the chair breaking was a first!  Thankfully the surface we were on was sand so it was a very soft landing.  

I’ve performed at the University here many times as well.  I remember one time they changed the show location – but forgot to tell me!  I was completely setup in the wrong spot.  But thankfully I got it straightened out before showtime.  

I also performed a show for the town Christmas party once.  This show was for the town employees and I remember how much fun it was.  

Canada Day Fireworks

I was also part of the great crew from Fireworks FX that did the Canada Day Fireworks in Fredericton this year.  

I do fireworks shows in the summer for a change of pace.  Fireworks are always really fun,  but this year doing them in Fredericton was a lot of fun as we shot them off the Westmorland Bridge.  It is a perfect spot to do fireworks.  We even had a few “nauticles”, which are fireworks you shoot into the water before they go off.  My favourite!  

Here’s a selfie I took while standing on the bridge as the show went off.  

2018 Fredericton Fireworks

Like many times, setting up the fireworks took many hours.  2 full days actually!  But totally worth it!  

Also,  visit Fredericton!  A really cool little city!