Holiday Hypnosis Shows

September 18th, 2019 | Blog

Have you ever considered a Holiday Hypnosis Show for your staff event?  

When it comes to planning a holiday event for your staff there are many options.  But most people would never think of a hypnotist.  

A hypnosis show is not appropriate for all events.  For small groups a magician, juggler or mentalist may be more appropriate.  

Comedians are hit and miss.  I’ve heard many stories of them being successful, and also many stories of problems.  But, there are good and bad entertainers in all fields.  

Also, not all jugglers, hypnotists and mentalists are good either.  In fact many are terrible.  That’s why you must get references.  You must also make sure they have been doing shows for corporate groups for over 10 years just to be safe, and that they are corporate friendly.  Many times people will think because someone performs at universities or theatres that they can handle corporate.  This would be a mistake.  

Theatres and colleges allow for far more adult material than is appropriate for corporate settings.  For corporate you want to ensure no one is offended.  

People rarely think of a hypnotist for a corporate group.  But, I’ve performed at hundreds of staff events and have found it to be the perfect form of entertainment to bring the group together!  

You must make sure the hypnotist is appropriate.  Make sure they don’t do horrible routines.  See my article on bad hypnotists:

But, if you choose to hire a quality hypnotist for your holiday party, as long as you check your references and quality control, you are sure to have one of the best parties your group will ever have!  

Also, if you happen to want a great hypnotist you might as well check to see if I’m available:

This picture isn’t of me at a corporate event, but rather me back at the Tyne Valley Oyster Festival, jut because I happen to really enjoy this festival

Ian Stewart's stage ready for a show at Tyne Valley Oyster Festival