March 26th, 2018 | Blog

Hypnotherapy was how I got started in hypnosis!  

I no longer do hypnotherapy on a regular basis due to my other interests taking up most of my time, but I did see many people make huge changes in their lives with it.  Here’s a few stories of using it:  http://ianstewart.info/stop-smoking-hypnosis/

I’m often asked how to become a stage hypnotist.  The answer as far as I’m concerned is 2 parts.  One, be a good entertainer in another area such as magic, dance, stand up comedy. And two, be a hypnotherapist.  

Training in hypnotherapy is a great way to learn how the mind really works.  It teaches you how to deal with any issues that can come up.  

I’m not talking about the weekend courses that go over the basics,  I mean actual courses that go into detail about regression therapy, parts of the mind and how to make permanent change.  

I took many courses, but the one I recommend the most was my training at the Omni Hypnosis Training centre.  Sadly my teacher Jerry Kein passed away a while back, but his teachings are still taught.  It’s IMO the best training offered in hypnosis.  

Their website is https://omnihypnosis.com 

I honestly can’t say enough good things about the time I spent there.  I made great friends, and learned a lot.  

No matter how much I enjoyed this section of my life, I’m mostly closed the door on it.  In each show i take time to explain that i no longer offer these services.  Yet, people keep asking for it.  Who know, maybe in retirement I’ll go back to offering it.  But until then I’ll keep the info tucked away and know that it made me a better stage hypnotist,  even if there was absolutely no talk of stage hypnosis in the course.  

Well,  I also still use it when something really, really interesting comes along…