Moncton Hypnotist

December 10th, 2017 | Blog

Ian Stewart is probably the number one Moncton Hypnotist, simply because of the number of shows done there, and how often he’s invited back!  


Here he talks about a few recent trips:  I just got home from another great show in Moncton, New Brunswick last night.  I’ve lost track of how many shows I’ve done in Moncton, but its safe to say well over 100.  In fact,  there is one theatre in the Moncton area I’ve performed at over 25 times!  

The Casino in Moncton has an incredible showroom that hosts many large events.  I had the chance to work there on New years Eve 2016/2017 as part of the Dean Brody concert.  The staff there are great!  I had pyro across the light trusses that fired by remote,  very cool!  

The casino entertainment page is at and the venue is called the Molsen Canadian centre.  They always have something cool going on.  My favourite shows that I’ve seen have been Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy, and Bob Saget.  They also bring in great musical acts, but as you can imagine I tend to enjoy variety entertainment more.  

I’ve performed many corporate shows in Moncton as well.  One show I did turned into a multi show deal with shows across Canada.  There used to be a conference hall at Crystal Palace that had corporate events so often that the staff knew exactly how to set the room up for my show.  Sadly that space is now an outdoor shop,  but many of the staff have moved on to other conference halls in Moncton and surrounding area.  

I just looked at my calandar for 2018 and counted over a dozen hypnotist shows booked in the Moncton area already, and the year hasn’t even begun!  

There is one corporate group that has changed the venue many times,  but has had me back 8 years now!  I’m already excited to bring back some new routines for new volunteers at next years show!  

I love visiting Moncton so often,  and always look forward to the opportunity to return!