My Favourite Hypnosis Sites

October 9th, 2018 | Blog

Here are some of my favourite hypnosis sites:  

Many of my favourite sites for hypnosis are for therapy using hypnosis.  This is because I strongly feel that you shouldn’t perform hypnosis on stage until you are solid in using it in a one on one setting.  Too many hypnotists take a garbage weekend course that promises to make the a hypnotist in a weekend.  Then they suck.  

I could go on about my dislike for stage hypnotists that have absolutely no clue how the mind works but that’s for another time.  

My absolute favourite hypnotherapy site is Omni Hypnosis.  I was trained by Gerry Kein there many years ago in DeLand Florida.  Sadly, Gerry is no linger with us, but the training centre goes on.  It simply can’t be the same without Gerry, but I’m sure it’s still a wonderful course.  They can be found at

My next top recommendation is the National Guild of Hypnotists site.  The National Guild does offer some of those learn to be a hypnotist fast courses I talked about,  but at least it’s a full week.  Then, they offer a ton, I mean a ton of extra sources to learn further.  Their annual convention is the biggest gathering of hypnotists in the world.  The convention offers seminars, stage shows, a dealers room and a chance to meet many of the worlds top hypnotists.  I’ve had fun at the convention!

Stage Hypnosis

There is a great site for a stage hypnotist I really enjoy.  It’s Ian Stewart from Canada.  Oh wait, that’s me!  Seriously,  I believe I have the best show in the world.  But, thankfully a lot of other people agree with me.  My site is at  

Seriously,  this guy is great!  

I would link to Ormond McGill, but sadly he’s gone.  He was a teacher of mine, and literally wrote the book on hypnosis.  No one is ever likely to surpass the level of knowledge he had about hypnosis.  He doesn’t have a website, but here’s his obituary: