A visit from Scott Ward

April 8th, 2019 | Blog

Finally, a visit from Scott Ward! I’ve known of Scott for several years. He went to the person that edits my promotional videos to have his video edited. My video editor, Jim Gravina, had told me he was working on Scotts promo and that I’d probably like hanging out with him. He was correct!

Not to get sidelined, but you should check out Jim Gravinas video editing work at https://vimeo.com/jimgravinamotionmagician. He’s one of the best in the business of editing promotional videos for entertainers! So I had heard of Scott, but never met. I only know of him through Jim and seeing that he linked to my site on his. You can see an article I wrote about that here: http://ianstewart.info/scott-ward-hypnotist/

A few nights ago, I was sitting at home on an off night. My phone rang and to my surprise it was Scott on the other end of the phone! We chatted for a few minutes and arranged to meet up the next day. It was lucky as he was headed to the airport and on a tight schedule.

We met up at a local Tim Hortons and it became clear very fast that we would get along. He’s funny, knowledgable about hypnosis, and to my surprise knows his share of magic too!

He also had a friend with him that used to be on a popular Canadian TV show called North Of 60. Dakota House was his name. We shared many laughs.

A picture of Ian Stewart, Scott Ward and Dakota House.
Scott Ward and Ian Stewart

We actually discussed magic more than hypnosis. And the stories of life traveling to shows was abundant. Scott also has the most amazing trick with dice you will ever see!

I really hope we get the opportunity to hang out again soon. I don’t think the laughs would slow down for a while!

Check out Scotts site at: http://www.scottward.net