Signs of a bad hypnotist…

May 21st, 2019 | Blog

This is simply my opinion, but here are some signs of a bad hypnotist.  By my opinion I mean here are things that I can’t stand when I watch hypnosis shows.  These are not aimed at anyone.  They’re not intended to put anyone down.  But these are things that I don’t believe belong on any stage where a performer is supposed to be delivering quality entertainment.  

Again, these are simply my opinions.  Feel free to have your own opinions, which I will then believe are wrong.  

  1.  The hypnosis sleep gun.  When I first got into hypnosis over 20 years ago this was acceptable, but times have changed.  In the modern world the thought of pointing what the volunteers believe is a gun, directly at them and pulling the trigger to put them to sleep is just morbid.  Guns are no longer acceptable in comedy routines.  What if the person suffers from PTSD?  This routine could have negative consequences!  
  2. Dancing with the hypnotist.  Many hypnotists love this routine.  I don’t get it.  I simply don’t find anything amusing about it.  The premise is the hypnotist tells the volunteers that when they open their eyes they will see the hypnotist as the most attractive person they have ever seen.  Then the hypnotist invites the volunteers to dance with the hypnotist.  During the dance the hypnotist tells them to sleep and they fall to the ground.  Most hypnotists also add the effect of telling the volunteer to grab their butt while dancing.  I don’t find sexually assaulting volunteers to be amusing in the least and this routine is as close to sexual assault as I’ve seen on a stage.  I believe that most hypnotists that do this routine are trying to prove their power over people and showing how they can be attractive to others because of this power.  Compensating for something???  
  3. This isn’t a routine but:  Fat Hypnotists!!!  How can a hypnotist be someone that has complete control over the mind, if they can’t put the fork down themselves.  Same with smoking.  A hypnotist is supposed to be in control, having these bad habits is the exact opposite of this.  I’m aware that I’m by no means skinny, but I’m a long way from having a pot belly.  That’s how I plan to keep it.  


This is the image a bad hypnotist gives!

I’m not trying to say I’m the be all, know all!  

I try to be positive in my posts.  So I hope if a hypnotist who reads my signs of being a bad hypnotist and does these things, possibly they will at least consider changing for the better!  

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And speaking of bad hypnotists, here is a terrifying article.  Although I personally feel this hypnotist didn’t actually cause any of the problems, intact he probably made things much better for a long time.