Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

December 27th, 2017 | Blog

Can I stop smoking with hypnosis?  This is one of the most common ones when someone finds out you’re a hypnotist.  Stop Smoking with hypnosis

The answer is, in my experience, that it may work for you!  I say may because I personally don’t believe it works for everyone.  It works for many,  but is not a cure all.  

What controls the success?  A personal desire!!!  If a person doesn’t want to quit, they simply won’t.  

If however, a person wants to quit smoking, then using hypnosis the cravings and habit can often be successfully eliminated.  

Hypnosis works for many people to stop smoking!  

I always tell people that there are many methods to quit smoking like the patch, stop smoking gum, cold turkey, nasal spray, vaping, and countless others.  Hypnosis is another method on the list.  None of these methods work for everyone.  Some people have great luck with the patch,  to others it is useless.  Hypnosis is also useless to some,  but to those it works for it’s great!  

Most of the methods listed above are attempting to have people quit smoking by giving the person tobacco in other ways.  When you try to stop smoking with hypnosis you are going into the brain and removing the impulse to smoke.  

I’ve seen people who have smoked for years quit in one session!  I once saw a guy who smoked five packs a day,  yes five packs a day, go down to two cigarettes a day in one session, and then quit completely with a second session.  

And,  I’ve seen people light up on the way to their car.  If someone smokes on the way to the car, then IMO they had no desire to quit.  

I no longer offer hypnotherapy as performing shows takes the majority of my time.  But if you have the desire to quit please seek out a qualified hypnotherapist and give it a try!  And, if you want to know a bit more about how it works why not buy my book at or visit my store at where I currently don’t have a specific stop smoking with hypnosis product,  but may add one again in the future.