Although Ian Stewart is known for his performance of stage hypnotism, he developed much of his technique by doing hypnotherapy.  He trained at many of the worlds top hypnosis training schools and developed skills and techniques to help clients with a variety of problems.  Today stage shows take up the majority of Ian’s time and as such he is no longer able to offer one on one sessions.  Due to increasing demand Ian has released the following self help handbook so that you can experience the power of the mind in your own home.

The Hypnosis Handbook

Learn all about this powerful tool in simple, easy to understand language. In addition, you will learn how to program yourself to achieve your goals for higher personal and professional satisfaction. Ian Stewart brings his considerable experience to these pages and offers an in-depth introduction with clear and concise instructions. You too can use the power of hypnosis to make the changes you desire and reach your goals.

Paperback, 146 pages.

Also available as an e-book on iTunes!

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I have received many comments and feedback, all of them said that the show was the best entertainment they have seen.

– Jeff Holly, Director of Distribution Services
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