Hypnosis show customization

January 30th, 2018 | Blog

Hypnosis show customization is an optional resource available to our clients who may be working to convey a specific message or incorporate specific individuals or organizational themes into their program.  

Each event is different, and each has distinct requirements for success.  Organizations that are interested in customization want to provide entertainment, yet want to benefit from achieving organizational objectives.  Customization of your event can be very helpful to achieving important objectives of your organization.  

Here are a few objectives that can be achieved by using customization in conjunction with an entertaining program:

  • enhance employee / CEO / management relationship
  • team building experience
  • motivation augmentation
  • enhance specific skills and abilities
  • include industry / organizational specific routines

What happens should be you see your guests at the annual retreat, meeting or party and they are surprised with a fun program that not only has them laughing, participating and enjoying themselves, but also provides educational content.  People learn best when they’re not aware they’re being taught!  

The goal is to make the entertainer not just a show,  but an interactive and fun event that communicates your organizational message and achieved your organization objectives in a powerful and relevant way!  

Customization Process

Just send an email or make a call to the office!  info@ianstewart.info .  We will discuss your needs and discuss options for a customized proposal.  Then give us a bit of time to think about the event and we’ll get back to you with what we can do to reinforce your message!  

If you like the ideas we’ll discuss anything you’d need to do to make it happen,  and just like that your event is on it’s way to being a smashing success that not only entertains, but also achieves your objectives.  

Customization isn’t just for corporations,  it can be for any group.  I recently did some  customization for a university group.